Liturgical Worship

Through liturgy and worship we are called to not only acknowledge, respect and praise God, but also to serve him through the conscious, active and fruitful participation of all.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers are assigned to the weekend Mass they normally attend to help distribute Holy Communion every three to six weeks. Must be practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church.


Proclaim the first or second Scripture Reading at weekend Mass approximately every two months.

Altar Servers

(Grade 3 and up) Add dignity and solemnity by assisting the priest and deacons at weekend Liturgies.


Help with welcoming and seating of the congregation, help with the collection and guide the congregation during distribution of Holy Communion.

Art and Environment Committee

A team of parishioners who assist the staff in the decoration of worship space for the various seasons and feasts of the Church year.

Music Ministry

Each weekend Mass has its own choir and each choir practices immediately prior to its Liturgy.