Social Outreach

Communion Minister to the Homebound

Communion Ministers are assigned one parishioner to whom to bring Holy Communion weekly. As with hospital ministers, a new volunteer can be appointed by the Bishop as a Communion minister, but must be a practicing Catholic to receive this honor. Visits are done according to your availability.

Food for the Bereaved

Teams of several volunteers each provide food on a rotating basis when requested for funerals or parishioners upon immediate release from the hospital. Food is brought to the church office and each team will be called several times a year as needed.

Food Pantry Volunteer

As parishioner-donated food is brought to church, these supplies are brought by volunteers to the food panty and sorted. The work is done on weekday mornings and you can volunteer as often as you like.

Prison Ministry

Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (LCIW)

Those serving in this ministry visit LCIW inmates weekly to minister with and mentor them. They also participate in Mass either on Thursday at LCIW or on Saturday to Jetson Correctional. Volunteers must attend a state certification training session.

Hunt Correctional Prison

Share your faith with the incarcerated men at Hunt Correctional by joining in faith sharing and discussion Thursday evenings, Mass on Friday evenings, and male Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the cell blocks on designated Sunday mornings. Volunteers must attend the state certification training session before obtaining access to the prison.

Social Responsibility Committee

Will meet monthly to organize and coordinate new social outreach ministries for the parish.

Respect Life Team

Team coordinates and carries out pro-life programs.