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  • Fortnight For Freedom daily prayers for religious freedom.
  • Litany for Liberty Religious Liberty prayer said during Mass
  • – This site is maintained by the Diocese of Baton Rouge. It lists ways to contact other church parishes, diocesan schools, and departments, such as the Youth Office, the Catholic Commentator, etc.
  • – This site is maintained by the Paulist and designed specifically for young adults.
  • – This site includes information on prayers, apologetics, Catholic Groups, and Live Catholic Radio.
  • – This site is one in which scripture is tied to Catholic teaching. It also has information on why Freemasonry is not compatible with Christianity.
  • – Catholic News
  • Stay– This site is geared toward defending the faith or apologetics.
  • catholiclinks – This site list links to Catholic sites from A-Z.
  • cwnews – Catholic Daily News Paper
  • vatican – This is the site operated by the Holy See, the Vatican. Visit the archives, museums, and many other areas here.
  • This link lists Catholic jobs available across the United States.
  •– Catholic Exchange is a nonprofit public charity which was organized exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes. Lots of info.
  •  Christ Centered Drug Rehab: Recovering the Path to Life

    Educational Resources for Children and Catechists