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Since 1838 there has been a Catholic presence here in Prairieville. The Lazarist Fathers who were assigned to the Ascension Catholic Church in Donaldsonville serviced the mission of La Prairie. In 1863 the Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary of New River (at Cornerview in Gonzales) is formed as part of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The Mission Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows at La Prairie, used for burials in the nearby cemetery, is established as part of the Catholic Church at Cornerview during this time. In 1917 Catholics attending a mission conducted by the Catholic Extension Society declared intent to build a church in Prarieville. In 1919 Archbishop Shaw declares Prairieville an independent parish and the Parishioners build a new Church and dedicated St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church with 134 individuals listed as charter members.

Today, St. John is a thriving parish with over 4,300 registered families.